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6 Top Sea-Fishing Spots in Cornwall

Posted 16 November 2018 by Beverley Fuller

South Cornwall has opportunities for sea fishing all year round. With Atlantic currents, a rocky sea bed and lots of wrecks that fish love to inhabit, the sheltered waters of the Fal estuary have a good variety of fish for most of the year.

The Roseland Peninsula's lovely wooded coves offer you some protection from winter weather or strong sun plus easier access to the water. You'll find plenty of fishing marks where you don't need to be a climber, though in some places a sense of adventure will help!

So whether you're a dedicated sea angler, you're after fresh mackerel for tea or you just fancy a spot of quiet fishing on holiday, our quiet cottages make the perfect base.

1. King Harry Ferry

A very popular, sheltered area. Some prefer to venture further along the river, though marks may be less accessible. Around Feock conger eel, dogfish and huss have shown up but the rocks can be tricky to walk on at low tide.

2. Porthcurnick

An easy walk to the rocks; popular with non-fishing companions too.

3. Portloe

A short walk along the coast path to the top of the cliff, then down to the rocks on the left hand side, is not too difficult to access.

4. Gerrans

Plenty of coves and rock marks

5. Carrick Roads

Head out on a boat to the deepwater buoys for some really good sea fishing.

6. Falmouth

Plenty of easily-accessible quays.

What fish you might catch sea fishing in Cornwall

  • Winter: mainly flat fish like whiting and flounder, and possibly small cod.
  • Spring: unless it's very cold you should find pollock and wrasse, before mackerel and garfish start to appear.
  • Summer: shoals of eels and sprats arrive, with the species that rely on them for food close behind – so the perfect time for mackerel. Along come the larger pollock and bass (often particularly good around the Roseland), usually followed by wrasse and mullet. For night fishing, expect to find pouting and whiting.
  • Autumn: many of the summer fish are still around; try for dogfish too.

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