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Portscatho, Gerrans and Towan: a circular stroll

Posted on 17 April 2019

Blog Thumbnail - Portscatho, Gerrans and Towan: a circular stroll
Here's a lovely, mostly level stroll between two of the Roseland's lovely sandy beaches. If you're staying in Portscatho or Gerrans it makes a good leg-stretch there and back on the circular route, following the coast path one way and slightly inland on the return leg; but you could easily stroll any part of it. Equally, serious walkers can tack it onto a longer hike on the South West Coast Path. But that's the beauty of a holiday on the Roseland – everyone can enjoy it.

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Focus on the Roseland Heritage Coast

Posted on 2 April 2019

Blog Thumbnail - Focus on the Roseland Heritage Coast
Where is it? The Roseland is a peninsula in South Cornwall that feels remote yet is easy to reach. You'll find lovely beaches plus countryside, cliffs, creeks, headlands and woods, all linked by miles of footpaths including the South West Coast Path. And lots of fantastic holiday cottages, of course!

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Fed up with the Floral Dance?

Posted on 29 March 2019

Blog Thumbnail - Fed up with the Floral Dance?
Try a floral walk instead! If you're looking for bluebells and spring flowers in South Cornwall, check out our cottages for walkers.

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Our New Office Open For Business

Posted on 20 March 2019

Blog Thumbnail - Our New Office Open For Business
A new office and the launch of our charity of the year initiative - it's all being going on down at the quayside in St Mawes... 

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5 Ways to Get On the Water

Posted on 19 March 2019

Blog Thumbnail - 5 Ways to Get On the Water
There are plenty of boatyards, anchorages, sailing clubs and watersports facilities on the Roseland Peninsula, so whatever your level of ability, with or without your own equipment, travelling solo or in a group, there are plenty of ways to get on (or in) the water.

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Cornwall Cultural Highlights

Posted on 15 March 2019

Blog Thumbnail - Cornwall Cultural Highlights
From outdoor theatre to traditional cinema experiences, your South Cornwall holiday cottage is the best seat in the house!

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4 NGS Gardens to Visit

Posted on 5 March 2019

Blog Thumbnail - 4 NGS Gardens to Visit
Kitpurva Jude Lynock's coastal garden at St Anthony was originally designed in the 1920s, and although it's been extensively replanted over the past 15 years it retains some original features. A lovely mix of wide lawns, mature trees and newer planting that tumbles down towards the sea and draws your eyes to the horizon. Most areas are wheelchair-accessible.

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A Country Walk with Sea Views

Posted on 1 March 2019

Blog Thumbnail - A Country Walk with Sea Views
Slap in the middle of the Roseland Heritage Coast, this walk gives you fantastic views out to sea and into the countryside, and has plenty of opportunities to stop for refreshment. Perfect!

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Favourite Cornish villages

Posted on 18 February 2019

Blog Thumbnail - Favourite Cornish villages
Much of the Roseland Peninsula's charm lies in how its traditional fishing villages have reinvented themselves to become popular seaside holiday destinations without losing their character.

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Days out in Cornwall: Mining Heritage

Posted on 15 February 2019

Blog Thumbnail - Days out in Cornwall: Mining Heritage
Visitors to Cornwall are bound to come across the county's mining heritage. Whether you visit one of the larger sites or pass old wheelhouses as you walk or drive across Bodmin Moor, or see how ports such as Port Gaverne or Charlestown once handled vast exports of tin, slate and china clay, there's a fascinating history to be found.

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3 Great Gardens of South Cornwall

Posted on 5 February 2019

Blog Thumbnail - 3 Great Gardens of South Cornwall
Lamorran This gorgeous warren of a garden is right on your doorstep when you're self-catering in St Mawes. Be ready to tackle some steep paths and steps to explore its subtropical planting and Italianate design – with the mild Roseland Peninsula climate and its sheltered position it's rarely troubled by frost. Lamorran is all about tranquility and harmony and it's been featured on Gardeners' World as well as in the top 10 of a BBC 'Nation's Favourite Gardens' poll. What a transformation from the overgrown tangle the current owners took on in 1982. Come and see it! Open Weds and Fri from April-Sept, but groups of 8 or more can book on other days too (handy if you're with a party staying in one of our larger holiday cottages), and under-16s get in free.

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2 More Roseland Circular Walks

Posted on 28 January 2019

Blog Thumbnail - 2 More Roseland Circular Walks
St Antony Head I'm going to share with you one of my favourite walks, right on the tip of the Roseland Peninsula. You get fantastic sea views in the clear winter air; you can also detour to the working lighthouse and the old military fort. It's a Site of Special Scientific Interest with a variety of bird life, including peregrine falcons and curlews. Allow a couple of hours and do get a detailed map or leaflet from the St Mawes Tourist Office. It's hilly but not arduous and there are a couple of stiles to climb.  

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2 Favourite Circular Walks

Posted on 22 January 2019

Blog Thumbnail - 2 Favourite Circular Walks
Messack Point This lovely waymarked route showcases classic Roseland scenery. You'll go through rolling fields and pretty woodland – with glorious bluebells in season – and alongside a creek, and you can stroll down to the shoreline if you wish. There's a stile to negotiate and one steep hill.

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How to do Cornwall on the quiet

Posted on 18 January 2019

Blog Thumbnail - How to do Cornwall on the quiet
For many visitors to Cornwall the region's sheer popularity and lively atmosphere is part of the fun. But our clients often look for a quieter holiday experience too, and the Roseland is an ideal place to find it. It's true that in high season the beaches and pretty villages can be busy, but even then there are quieter bays and countryside with sea views, ideal for those who prefer to avoid crowds or noise.

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6 Festivals in Cornwall

Posted on 8 January 2019

Blog Thumbnail - 6 Festivals in Cornwall
Welcome to Portscatho Holidays! January's the perfect time to dream of that summer vacation and book your South Cornwall cottage, so we've picked a few local events through the year to help you plan ahead. And there are plenty more...

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5 Park Runs in Cornwall

Posted on 4 January 2019

Blog Thumbnail - 5 Park Runs in Cornwall
There's more to the Roseland than beaches, countryside and good food – though that's enough to keep most of us occupied on our holidays! If you don't want to miss your weekend Park Run there are plenty here in Cornwall. Whether you run, jog, walk or all three, it's a sociable and fun way to enjoy the local scenery. Park Runs are 5k against the clock, not against anyone else; they're for everyone, including dogs; they're on Saturdays at 9am and there's coffee afterwards. Just remember to register before your first run if you haven't already, and bring your barcode. See you there!

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Top Wildlife Spots on the Roseland Peninsula

Posted on 18 December 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Top Wildlife Spots on the Roseland Peninsula
Our lovely Roseland Peninsula is brilliant for birding and has plenty more wildlife too. Unusually for Cornwall we have sheltered countryside and woodland – which deer love - that even reaches the shore in places, especially around the Fal River.

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5 Golf Courses for your Roseland holiday

Posted on 7 December 2018

Blog Thumbnail - 5 Golf Courses for your Roseland holiday
Golfers staying in our Roseland holiday cottages have plenty of opportunities for a sporting day out. Whether you're with a couple of friends or a group, or grabbing a quiet golfing day to yourself – there's plenty here to occupy the rest of the family – you'll find a welcoming course with great views.

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Accessible Cornwall: 6 of our favourites

Posted on 1 December 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Accessible Cornwall: 6 of our favourites
Although the Roseland Peninsula is naturally hilly, many older visitor attractions have tried hard to improve access while new ones have been custom designed.

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5 great artworks to see in Cornwall

Posted on 27 November 2018

Blog Thumbnail - 5 great artworks to see in Cornwall
Cornwall's clear light and beautiful seascapes have attracted artists for centuries. St Ives and Newlyn are especially renowned as places of inspiration, so it's no surprise to find major art galleries in both – and they're an easy day trip from your snug winter holiday cottage on the Roseland Peninsula. Alternatively, just hop on the St Mawes Ferry to Falmouth Art Gallery. I've picked five favourites artworks held in Cornwall – what's yours?

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6 Top Sea-Fishing Spots in Cornwall

Posted on 16 November 2018

Blog Thumbnail - 6 Top Sea-Fishing Spots in Cornwall
South Cornwall has opportunities for sea fishing all year round. With Atlantic currents, a rocky sea bed and lots of wrecks that fish love to inhabit, the sheltered waters of the Fal estuary have a good variety of fish for most of the year.

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5 Indoor Holiday Attractions in South Cornwall

Posted on 6 November 2018

Blog Thumbnail - 5 Indoor Holiday Attractions in South Cornwall
1. Go ice skating at the Eden Project – the rink's open till 24 February and it's easily accessible from your Roseland holiday cottage. It's traditional winter fun even if you're not seeking festive activities. There's always plenty going on at the Eden Project, from special exhibitions and adventures to Saturday park runs and visits from Santa (and Rick Astley's been telling everyone he wants to perform there so, you know...), plus you get to warm up in a tropical biome if it's chilly outside. Eco-fun!

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Why Cornwall is magic in winter

Posted on 2 November 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Why Cornwall is magic in winter
South Cornwall is renowned for its mild climate. Here on the Roseland we enjoy a microclimate that's quite unusual for the British Isles. Thanks to the Gulf Stream we miss the worst winter weather and it's often much warmer here than in other parts of the country. I'm not promising sunbathing, but I think you'll love being out and about in Cornwall whatever the weather.

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Gluten Free Eating On The Roseland

Posted on 19 September 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Gluten Free Eating On The Roseland
Six of the best gluten free dining options on the Roseland Peninsula...

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Let's stop for a natter

Posted on 28 August 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Let's stop for a natter
I love chatting with our clients, both holidaymakers and cottage-owners alike. Both groups are key to a great holiday experience, after all, and it's our pleasure here at Portscatho Holidays to hear your feedback and meet your requirements.

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The Great Escape

Posted on 13 August 2018

Blog Thumbnail - The Great Escape
What do you look for in a holiday? Are you a fun-loving, sociable person or a quiet soul who wants to escape from it all?

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Sand between the toes

Posted on 7 August 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Sand between the toes
August is bucket-and-spade month by the seaside. It's the prime-time summer vacation and while there's something, and somewhere, on the Roseland for everyone to enjoy, August is very much about family holidays. And there are plenty of good reasons why this area is called the Cornish Riviera.

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Portscatho Regatta preview

Posted on 3 August 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Portscatho Regatta preview
The excitement's mounting, the atmosphere's electric, the sails are unfurling... yes, this month it's the 141st Portscatho Regatta. Be there or miss out! It's a real family fun day, and whether you're taking part or watching there's plenty to see and do. On the water you'll find sailing, kayak, raft and swimming races, while on the beach you can be part of the action – there'll be live music, sports and activities for children, lots of stalls, a big barbecue and loads more. The sailing takes place in Gerrans Bay and you'll have a great view from the shore, so no one need miss out.

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Respect for Rough Tor

Posted on 23 July 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Respect for Rough Tor
Here's a secret: it's one of my favourite day trips in Cornwall. You'll be rewarded with a lovely walk and spectacular views. But it's also an adventure, with a brooding romance that's a complete contrast to the Roseland Peninsula's gentle beaches and wooded coves. Tempted?

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Marvellous Mevagissey

Posted on 16 July 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Marvellous Mevagissey
Coming home from the Eden Sessions (why did Gary Barlow chuck plastic confetti around? Duh...) I was roundly ticked off by a friend for saying I would 'just' be spending my next holiday in South Cornwall. 'Why 'just''? she admonished. 'Cornwall is wonderful.' She's right, of course. The point was that I 'just' wouldn't be travelling far, which seems pretty sensible to me, but trying to justify it just felt like digging myself further into trouble, so I just kept quiet. [OK we've got the point. Ed]

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Views from the Sea

Posted on 29 June 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Views from the Sea
How do you like your views in Cornwall? The Roseland Peninsula is full of gentle hills with gorgeous outlooks and one of the great attractions here is that you can see Cornwall on any scale, so your favourite view might just as easily be be green fields or wooded coves as a panoramic sea view.   

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Seeing Stars

Posted on 15 June 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Seeing Stars
Here in Cornwall we are lucky to have fantastic, clear light during the day - hence it's beloved of so many artists - and very low levels of light pollution at night. That means wonderful opportunities for stargazing. Whether you're serious about stars or looking for a romantic retreat on a summer night, I'm pretty sure you'll love it.

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Pack light, eat local

Posted on 8 June 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Pack light, eat local
How much food do you take on holiday? Self-catering breaks are the perfect chance to sample local produce - and what a choice the Roseland has. Its fabulous pubs, cafes and restaurants are legendary and all our Cornish holiday cottages have well-equipped kitchens. You could even take a short cookery course while you're here.

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Ross the Boss

Posted on 5 June 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Ross the Boss
Poldark's returning! The new series is apparently scheduled for early summer so quiver in your cornfields, whatever the weather outside this county is getting hot, hot, hot! If you were in Cornwall last autumn you might even have spotted the film crews, but nothing ever looks the same on screen so here's our quick guide to Roseland locations you might just recognise.

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Kiberick Cove

Posted on 30 May 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Kiberick Cove
A hidden gem If you're staying in one of our lovely cottages around Portloe or Veryan do make time for a stroll down to Kiberick Cove. This gorgeous spot is a real gem and one you could easily miss at high tide when there is no beach, just fabulous scenery.   

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Feeling blue? We can lift your spirits!

Posted on 9 May 2018

Blog Thumbnail - Feeling blue? We can lift your spirits!
Have you found a bluebell walk in Cornwall? Bluebell season on the Roseland can be quite early due to our mild climate, though nature is capricious so I'm not making any guarantees (sorry!). Here you can mix bluebell woods with a coastal walk in spring - truly the best of everything.

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