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Portscatho Holidays Blog - Top 5 Favourite Pasty Fillings

Top 5 Favourite Pasty Fillings

Posted 4 April 2018 by

Our 5 Favourite Cornish Pasty Fillings

A good Cornish pasty is easy to find here on the Roseland – just head to your local shop, deli or cafe. Pasties are healthy convenience food, perfect for picnics, packed lunches or a hot meal, with a choice of tasty fillings in light, firm pastry and no messy gravy padding it out. A true Cornish pasty will also have crimps in all the right places. You'll know the real thing when you taste it!


A filling of beef with lightly seasoned chunks of potato, onion and swede or turnip is generally accepted as the original recipe. In fact that's not quite true – way back, Cornish cooks would have filled pasties with whatever seasonal ingredients they had, including whole fish; they might even have put a savoury filling at one end and a sweet filling at the other, for pudding. But the beef version is here to stay, and with good reason – it's delicious.

Cheese & Onion

Cheese 'n' onion was probably the first mainstream vegetarian pasty option, and it was usually Cheddar. Nothing wrong with that, we love a good Cheddar. But vegetarian cooking has evolved – look for different cheeses and maybe even caramelised onions. There's a good reason why some flavours become favourites but even the best recipes move with the times. Scrummy!

Lamb & Mint

Very meaty, quite subtle, often using locally-reared lamb... this pasty filling is a meat-eater's delight. And the 'light' in delight is key here – a good Cornish pasty is never heavy. It should be sustaining without weighing you down, and hold its shape if you decide to leave a bit for later.

Lentil & Veg

Fresh vegetables with a little more substance is how we'd describe this Cornish pasty filling. With the filling and pastry cooked to perfection and just the right amount of seasoning – you want the vegetable flavours to shine through - it's an absolute winner.

Full English breakfast

You want novelty fillings? Here's one we found in a Cornish village shop, but they wouldn't tell us who baked it. It had everything: bacon, sausage, black pudding, egg and baked beans. Sounded daunting, tasted fantastic. Our party of hungry walkers ate the lot – and were full of beans!

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