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Time in Tregony

Posted 18 April 2018 by

Arriving at the Roseland Peninsular by road you'll probably go through Tregony, known as the Gateway to the Roseland. (And if that gives you a Peter Sellers flashback - you're thinking 'Bal-ham, gateway to the South', right? - you're not alone.) Anyway, Tregony is well worth a stop. You'll also find a convenience store and post office there, handy for self-catering and the fine holiday tradition of sending postcards.

The village has several historic buildings, notably the 17th century almshouses which were originally a 'hospital for decayed housekeepers', as the wonderful team who look after our holiday cottages like to remind us! The building you see today has been beautifully restored and has a distinctive balcony.

In early medieval times Tregony was a busy port on the Fal, exporting local wool, leather and tin - hence its wide main street. Ironically, it may have been run-off from tin mining that caused the port to silt up so by the 17th century trade had dwindled, but you can still stroll along the pretty river frontage. (This puts me in mind of Rye in Sussex, another once-important port, where our sister company Amberley House has beautiful holiday cottages.) My favourite Tregony fact is that the clock tower was almost sold to Australia but a last-minute rescue was organised - our own version of the London Bridge story.

One myth that I love concerns the giant whose 11-foot coffin was allegedly dug up in 1761. Of course the skeleton disintegrated almost immediately, leaving just one intact tooth that was a whopping two-and-a-half inches long. Strangely enough it wasn't preserved for posterity, but every historic town benefits from a legend like this, don't you think? I wonder where the giant lived. He'd have had to stoop into many of the snug country cottages and would surely have hit his head on the wooden beams. Poor chap - we'd have found him the perfect cottage with a nice high ceiling!

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