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Kiberick Cove

Posted 30 May 2018 by Beverley Fuller

If you're staying in one of our lovely cottages around Portloe or Veryan do make time for a stroll down to Kiberick Cove. This gorgeous spot is a real gem and one you could easily miss at high tide when there is no beach, just fabulous scenery. If you're passing along the Cornwall Coast Path (it makes a good walk from Portscatho) or you've parked at Nare Head and strolled down through the field, do pause here. The view is beautiful from above and below so you'll never miss out - look east to Blouth Point and west to Nare Head, and out across the sea.


I love Kiberick for its changing nature. In winter the beach, when it appears, is pebbly but in summer it's usually sandy. No idea why, but it keeps me interested. You can swim on the incoming tide and the outlying rocks are great for snorkelling, while those who love a quiet spot for fishing will appreciate it too - the western side is your best bet. As so often here in the West Country the light is brilliant; from the fields above it shimmers off the glistening blue sea and disappears into the deep horizon. Mesmerising.

You won't find any facilities at Kiberick - the nearest loos would be in Portloe or Carne beach, depending which direction you're heading; nor will you find lifeguards, so do check the tide times if you plan to swim here. In fact it's always wise to familiarise yourself with local tides on a seaside holiday as it's surprisingly easy to get caught out. Hang on, why am I talking about swimming in May? A bit chilly for me still, I'm afraid, though I know people who swim all year round and love it - with and without wetsuits. Kiberick isn't a beach for surfers, which means the swimming is lovely and quiet; and while dogs are allowed in winter it's a dog-free beach from Easter through the summer season.

Kiberick is one of the many reasons I think our Roseland is so hard to beat for a holiday destination. Book your South Cornwall cottage through our website and see why!

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