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Let's stop for a natter

Posted 28 August 2018 by Beverley Fuller

I love chatting with our clients, both holidaymakers and cottage-owners alike. Both groups are key to a great holiday experience, after all, and it's our pleasure here at Portscatho Holidays to hear your feedback and meet your requirements.

So what do you look for in your ideal self-catering accommodation? Years ago, a friend told me that someone who rented her country cottage mentioned the lack of a pizza wheel in the kitchen. Back then neither of us had even heard of a pizza wheel – you live and learn! Seriously though, our holiday cottages often receive praise for their kitchens, especially when our clients find everything they need to cook the fresh fish that's such an intrinsic part of a seaside holiday.

TV and wi-fi are always in demand, especially this summer while Wimbledon and the World Cup vied for attention with the local tourist attractions. All that football.. who'd have thought it? Hasn't the atmosphere been great, though? Anyway, that brought a nice comfy living room into the frame too – a few clients confessed they'd never expected to spend so much time in their cottages, thinking England would be out and they'd be on the beach all week!

One family said they spent more time at a window, watching hares gambolling in the adjacent field, than in any other part of their home-from-home. And they hesitated to mention it, but they'd been amused by a comment in the visitors' book: “Loved watching the rabbits”. Well, if that was you I'll defend you – if you live in a town or city that may well have been your first wild sighting of either. The main thing is, you loved it.

Amid the heatwave and rumours (unsubstantiated) of delays at the passport office, those who took advantage of our last-minute offers to visit Cornwall rather than go abroad found the English Riviera very much to their liking. I hope you'll all visit the Roseland again – and do book early for the very best self-catering selection. We look forward to welcoming you!

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