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Sand between the toes

Posted 7 August 2018 by Beverley Fuller

August is bucket-and-spade month by the seaside. It's the prime-time summer vacation and while there's something, and somewhere, on the Roseland for everyone to enjoy, August is very much about family holidays. And there are plenty of good reasons why this area is called the Cornish Riviera.

I'm delighted to find the Cornwall tourism website lists lovely Gorran Haven in its top 10 Cornish beaches. Quite right, though to my mind the other nine would also be on the Roseland Peninsula! Gorran Haven is a little gem, a traditional sandy beach in the heart of the village that's easy to find and very pretty. A quick check with family and friends of all ages assures me that there's something for everyone here. You could stay nearby in a tranquil cottage with a sea view!

Like so many coastal villages in South West England it evolved through fishing and then had to adapt when that industry was scaled down, but this is something many Cornish villages have done incredibly well (plus you can always find wonderful fresh fish for tea!).

So at Gorran Haven you'll find not just a gorgeous little sandy beach flanked by its bijou harbour at one end and, at the other end, by a pretty headland that drops down into some great rockpool territory - but also a neat beach cafe-cum-shop that sells everything you need for a day out by the seaside, including that bucket and spade if you forgot to bring your own. And if you head for Gorran Haven, you might also find nearby Vault Beach. This one's a long, sheltered sweep of sand and shingle that's generally very safe for swimming, with a gently-sloping shore (so no sudden drops into deeper water) and generally calm sea, though please note there is no lifeguard and all the usual beach safety precautions apply. One end of the beach is a sort of unofficial nudist beach, by the way. The other thing about Vault is that dogs are allowed year-round, and the 20-minute walk from the village car park makes it a lovely leg-stretch. A perfect day out if you're self-catering at Portloe or Veryan – book your Cornish holiday cottage on our website now!

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