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Seeing Stars

Posted 15 June 2018 by Beverley Fuller

Here in Cornwall we are lucky to have fantastic, clear light during the day - hence it's beloved of so many artists - and very low levels of light pollution at night. That means wonderful opportunities for stargazing. Whether you're serious about stars or looking for a romantic retreat on a summer night, I'm pretty sure you'll love it.

In this quiet rural area you can get right away from street lights, busy roads, shops and all those sources of artificial light. On a clear night you'll see plenty with just your own eyes so there's no need to bring a telescope, though binoculars can fill in some of the detail. If you have a telescope, of course, do bring it - to add the finishing touch to your Roseland cottage holiday.

Look up and feast your eyes on the Milky Way - or rather, what you'll see is an arm of a galaxy that's called the Milky Way. Just an arm! It's a term that always reminds me of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... "far out in the western spiral arm of the galaxy..." has been part of my psyche for ever. Ahem. But only by gazing at the sky, looking across a mountain range or being in the middle of an ocean, I think, can you truly appreciate the scale of this world. Here in the northern hemisphere you can usually see constellations such as Orion the hunter, Cassiopeia and the Plough (also known as the Dipper) with the naked eye as well as Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, whose positions and clarity depend on the time of year - stargazing is wonderful in winter as well as summer. Should you be visiting Cornwall from the other side of Planet Earth it will all be quite different yet somehow strangely familiar.

You can get stargazing apps for your phone, or book-type charts that you can hold up to the sky wherever you are to help you identify the stars. We can help you find the perfect holiday cottage for star-spotting. Ah, those summer nights! What could be more romantic?

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