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The Great Escape

Posted 13 August 2018 by Beverley Fuller

What do you look for in a holiday? Are you a fun-loving, sociable person or a quiet soul who wants to escape from it all?

Well, I'm happy to tell you that here on the Roseland you can be either or both. I recently spoke to a group of friends who rented one of our larger self-catering cottages. They love spending time together but they all have different interests and different visions of the ideal holiday. Finding a cottage large enough to accommodate them in comfort, where they could get together for meals and not be in each other's pockets, was the starting point in choosing their perfect location.

Then they looked at what sort of activities are available, with the key option of being able to chill out as well. A garden, or being within a short stroll of somewhere to relax in the shade, was important to them. Beaches? Check. Watersports available? Check. Countryside for walks and cozy pubs? Yes, we have that here. This group chose one of our larger self-catering cottages in Portscatho, because it had everything they wanted. I met a couple of them when I took the dog for an early morning walk along the Nare Headland, practising tai chi (the holidaymakers, not the dog, unless I've been missing something all these years...) in the oxygen-filled fresh air. Many's the morning I've noticed people doing yoga on the quieter beaches, too – there are so many tranquil spots here that are ideal for such peaceful pastimes.

Later I bumped into them at a local cafe and they told me they were about to have a windsurfing lesson while their friends were planning an afternoon on the beach with plenty of swimming. And the next day? They'd all booked to go dinghy sailing, hoping to learn the regulation triangle (to show you can steer your dinghy properly) before the end of the fortnight. Wow, they were certainly making the most of their time.

My point is, you can choose your holiday style here on the Roseland. So if you haven't already booked your self-catering accommodation, browse our selection and get ahead for your next vacation – we might even have a last-minute special offer for you. Something for everyone? Check!

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