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Why Cornwall is magic in winter

Posted 2 November 2018 by Beverley Fuller

South Cornwall is renowned for its mild climate. Here on the Roseland we enjoy a microclimate that's quite unusual for the British Isles. Thanks to the Gulf Stream we miss the worst winter weather and it's often much warmer here than in other parts of the country. I'm not promising sunbathing, but I think you'll love being out and about in Cornwall whatever the weather.

It's so quiet. Most people think of visiting Cornwall for the summer holidays, but we're open all year round. Off season there's less traffic and more space. It's perfect for dog-walking, rambling, cycling or just relaxing – and easier to get a reservation at your favourite restaurant!

Autumn colour. Thanks to the mild climate and sheltered coves the Roseland has plenty of woodland and even some fairly exotic trees that wouldn't survive in cooler places, while our lovely Cornish hedges are beautiful at any time of year. Autumn colour can last well into November – the leaves look just as beautiful on the ground, plus our dogs adore playing in them!

Beautiful views. I love the winter season here because once the leaves have fallen you see the shapes of trees, and the landscape framed through them. The Roseland Peninsula is a friendly, welcoming environment where you can snuggle into coves and valleys or head out to the hills and moors.

Fantastic skies and seascapes. Cool, clear air brings skies to watch and bright stars. But I love watching a sea mist roll in too, especially when you know the sun's about to break through and the sunbeams play across a beach. Magical moments from your sea-view cottage!

Great offers on holiday cottages! Off-season rates are enticing for those who aren't tied to school holidays, so do check out our deals. While you'll usually find the best deals by booking well in advance it's always worth a look at our last-minute offers.

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