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Read what our owners have to say...

"The service provided by Portscatho is very thorough and efficient, and all of the staff that I have dealt with are very nice and approachable. The company has resourced the business well and makes a lot of effort to consider everything from the client and the customers point of view.

Issues are dealt with there and then wherever possible, they are good at getting back to you to resolve the queries. And all with a nice manner!

I have noticed a continued increase and improvement in the overall marketing, for example, I received a postcard this week which I assume is something that is sent to all potential customers. The 'wish you were here' theme on the card was very effective."

Anne Ramsay, Midships

"Portscatho Holiday’s key task is to get us guests and they do that very well but they also look after our guests’ needs.  So, for example, if the shower breaks down or some other sort of maintenance issue arises, they take care of it because we are not there to sort it out ourselves whilst they are on the spot.  They even put the bins out in the right place at the right time.

It’s not just the guests that they think about, they look after the needs of their owners too.  For example, the accounts process runs very smoothly, with payments made in a timely and clear manner.  Furthermore we aren’t expected to wait for our money.  In order to secure a property, guests have to pay a one third deposit.  If this is more than six weeks before the date of the booking, the deposit is passed on to the owners on the next available payment run.

Finally I’d like to mention the team.  They are helpful and timely with any information, good at answering questions and, generally, just nice to work with."

John Southall, Trevu

"The marketing clearly works extremely well; in fact, for us, the bookings couldn’t be any better.  The brochure looks very professional and is backed up by a website that is really easy to use.

However, for us, Portscatho’s unique selling point is their property management.   There are a lot of companies that would take bookings for us but we needed one that would also manage the property.  Portscatho do this easily as they have a local team in the village which is absolutely fantastic.   They quickly respond to guests’ queries and are on hand to deal with any minor maintenance issues which may arise. We have been really pleased with the service; it is a massive, massive benefit to us and the staff in the office are absolutely super.

St Mawes is a small village and when we’re in conversation with  other property owners, we have only ever heard good things about the staff at Portscatho.  That’s a great testament to the hard work being undertaken by Beverley and the team"

Fiona and Martin, The Hermitage

Read what our guests have to say...

"The help given when booking and the advantage of dealing with a small company who know the properties was brilliant."

Diane Williamson

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Portscatho Holidays - the staff were friendly, attentive and incredibly knowledgeable. St Mawes is a beautiful little town and I would highly recommend both the place and the company."

Sarah Sampson

"We have been looking for a nice cottage for six in the St Mawes area of Cornwall and came across Portscatho Holidays. They offered us a fine choice of cottages and we had no problem in selecting one. The staff were most helpful and the booking arrangements flowed efficiently."

Robert Richardson

"Have been booking holidays with them for years, very happy with the service we get."

Jane Sandford

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