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About Felicity.

My name is Felicity. I am a passionate and enthusiastic yoga teacher, keen on sharing the benefits of this practice with you during a yoga retreat in Cornwall. Being trained in India and Bali, I have spent time travelling around South East Asia, India, Africa and Australia, and teaching Yoga in Cape Town and Sydney.

Yoga has short and long term benefits, balancing your mind and body, enhancing and focusing the life you are living regardless of your age or fitness. Whether you have been practicing for years, or have never ventured to a class before, my aim is to enrich your time away, allowing you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually, through creating a space where you can challenge, stretch and calm your whole self.

Yoga Retreats with Felicity in partnership with Portscatho Holidays!

With high quality accommodation located in stunning settings, together we have selected a portfolio of properties which are perfectly suited for you to get the most out of your time away. Due to popular demand, advance bookings are required to ensure availability. Please note: retreats will be available in all Portscatho Holidays properties providing the space accommodates requirements. Retreats will be held for 5days of your 7 day holiday running from Sunday - Thursday.

Not your traditional yoga retreat!

Have you set a New Year's resolution or maybe even been on a yoga retreat where you detox but once you re-enter 'real life' do you find it challenging to stay true? I wanted to create something that is real.  The retreat will give you the time and space to reconnecting to yourself. You will learn tools that you can take into your life back home that will truly uplift and enhance your outlook on life. The timetable includes daily vinyasa flow, moving mediation, breathing and mediation and group activity/discussion. With your own home, you are free to enjoy your free time as you please, visiting town, exploring the coastal paths, reading a book, taking a stroll along the beach or even have a glass of wine in the local pub.

Classes information

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa simply means synchronising breath with movement. This consists of us flowing from one pose to the next, moving with our inhale and exhales.This program is designed to work your physical body, developing strength and flexibility. When concentrating on our breath, it allows us to remove the day’s activities and thoughts from our mind, providing us with more clarity and focus for returning to work.

Moving Meditation: A much gentler class designed to wind down and calm your mind. Gentle movements, with an intention of bringing awareness to our mind and body. We will also include breathing exersises and guided meditation which give you the tools to deal with stress more effectively and bring a positive awareness to daily life.

Meditation:Things sometimes get a bit crazy in life and it is easy to become overwhelmed and full of stress. During the guided meditation sessions we will learn together a range of breathing and meditation exercises you will be able to easily incorporate into your life to reduce stress, help find more clarity, peace and happiness in life.

Group discussion/ activities. Surrounded and supported by your close friends or family these sessions are designed to allow your thoughts and feelings to flow freely.

How to Book

Booking on request.  Due to a high demand booking requests are required. Contact Portscatho holidays for property availability.4 people minimum. Property cost  + £250pp

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